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Research has shown through several surveys that the quality of leadership a company has, has an impact on the recruitment and retention of prospective employees.

The results obtained from surveying Human Resource professionals around the world painted a remarkable picture of the state of recruiting, and the effect quality of leadership can have on it.

Research has shown that the recruitment process has become increasingly tricky as Human Resource professionals are finding it harder to fill openings in organizations.

Finding qualified candidates and candidates with the right skills is one of the top two challenges faced. However, the most challenging problem of all is the retention of employees.

What is leadership?

Leadership has numerous definitions that people reflect on to come to their interpretation of the term. Some view leadership as a series of specific traits or characteristics, while others see it as comprised of particular skills and knowledge.

A select few, however, think of leadership as a process. This school of thought that leadership is a process places emphasis on social interaction and relationship and that it typically includes influencing others in a particular direction.
We can define leadership as having the ability and responsibility to influence a situation through communication and other tools to achieve a specific goal.

Effect of weak leadership on the recruitment process
Statistics have shown that two-thirds of employees quit their boss and not their job specifically. The above shows that many organizations may lose valuable employees due to having weak leadership. Despite these numbers, only about 40 percent of companies provide leadership training.

Leadership is a crucial part of the recruitment process as good leadership helps one foster a relationship that involves mobilizing, influencing, and guiding others toward desired goals.

Effect of strong leadership on the recruitment process
Companies with strong leadership, however, ensure two things: hiring qualified candidates and training them to meet the leadership requirement of their organization.

Companies with effective leaders are bound to have managers who are excellent interviewers because they are much more likely to provide them with interview training.

The Leadership team guarantees that their hiring managers conduct a better interview and assess candidates thoroughly. Statistics have also shown that employees with effective leaders tend to put their leaders on a pedestal, and this makes employer branding easier, thus attracting and retaining highly qualified candidates.

The question still yet to be answered is whether having effective recruitment leads to better leadership or having better leadership yields effective recruiting.

There is most assuredly a cyclic relationship between these two.
For a successful recruitment process, it is vital to identify the leadership qualities and traits that are required, use effective interview techniques to assess candidates, and then design plans to help develop this natural talent.

This process will increase the likelihood of hiring people that will bring significant change to their organization.
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