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Candidate Experience & How To Boost It In Volume Recruitment

January 12, 2020 0 Comments

Candidate experience is highly essential for every business, and it is also very crucial in high-volume recruitment. 

However, conveying a consistently amazing candidate experience is one of the most significant activities to be embarked on in a high-volume recruitment challenge. 

In this article, we’ll highlight and address a few difficulties that research has shown are being experienced. We’ll share some straightforward strategies to convey a superior candidate experience in high-volume recruitment, even when chances appear to be stacked against you. 

Some reasons why the candidate experience is essential!

Candidate experience is the initial impression work searchers have of your business. For every candidate you employ, that initial impression is the establishment for a fruitful first week, which turns into a platform for a productive first month, quarter, year, and more. An initial negative impression can be hard to combat.

A decent candidate experience implies new employees start happy. Cheerful workers are 15% more fruitful when compared to their counterparts. For applicants you don’t employ, a great candidate experience implies the candidate is bound to leave feeling positive. They’ll be bound to recount positive tales about you to their loved ones. Study shows that 75% of occupation searchers are known for sharing negative candidate experiences on the web. A negative early impression is difficult to combat since you never find the opportunity to change that particular experience around. 

That is the issue. Here’s a possible solution. 

At the point when you’re engaging with volume, conveying a reliably enjoyable candidate experience can feel like an unconquerable test. However, it’s not!

1 – Don’t skimp on strategy 

When employing is dire, it’s enticing to dispatch straight into dynamic recruitment. However, you have to apply a little patience.

The technique behind employing is the establishment that supports the whole recruitment process. The more vigorous that establishment, the more the procedure can stream, and the more confident you can convey an extraordinary candidate experience. It is also essential to know precisely why you’re employing, who you’re procuring for, and what they’ll be doing. Assemble an image of the perfect candidate and get inward stakeholders on-side.

2 – Write impactful job descriptions

Occupation adverts are the primary structure square of candidate experience. They’re the absolute early impression numerous potential candidates have.

An elegantly composed job description that breathes life and opportunity into your brand is the first venturing stone of candidate experience. Also, when done right, work adverts improve the nature of employment as well.

3 – Make the application process easy

Applicants do not care about your business as much as you might suspect. They’re most likely applying for several other jobs at a time. They’re worn out. They’re tired of intricate processes, forgotten passwords, complicated application directions, prohibitive file types, and endless structures. 

Proactive Engineering Recruitment platform engages high-volume recruiters to handle their most enormous difficulties – like improving the candidate experience.

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